For Dior, « The future is Gold ».

I have decided to dedicate my first article to this world-known luxury brand, Dior. It is actually their last campaign that inspired the topic of my blog (you probably have noticed in the title). In September 2014, Dior launched a new campaign for the famous fragrance j’Adore. “The Future is Gold”, filmed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, appears to pick up the story where it left off last time. The publicity takes place once again in the Chateau de Versailles where we meet, the emblematic and gorgeous, Charlize Theron. Those two elements are recurrent, we find them in every  » j’adore » campaigns that started ten years earlier. So, same place, same muse, but not exactly the same story… Indeed, in the second part of the publicity, charlize uses a silk scarf to escape from the Galerie des glaces and go to a totally different and much more futurist place, illustrated by huge buildings.

The viewers are transported  within 2 seconds from a classical and traditional atmosphere into a futuristic world, far away from Dior brand’s universe. Why it is operating this change? and what message Dior wants to deliver with this contrast? In my opinion, this contrast reflects exactly the problematic for luxury brands in advertising nowadays. You can remember the past, get inspiration from that but you cannot live in the past infinitely. In other words luxury brands have to move forwards. They cannot use the same codes they have been using for a long time. The customers have changed and their expectations too. In this context, Dior appears to be the brand that understands this change, and turns towards new horizons, more open minded where everything is possible.



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