Power of the heritage in luxury brands: L’Odyssée of Cartier

Last time, I talked about the transgression of luxury brands in their advertising codes using porno chic. But in this article I will return to a more classical and efficient component used in luxury industry; their heritage. Indeed, a brand, especially luxury one, doesn’t come up like this. Sometimes it appears with its creator, like for example Coco Chanel. In this case, the brand builds its identity toward this person. But when there is no creator in the game, the brand has to find another way to create a strong identity. So, most of the time the brand chooses to develop itself upon values in order to create a very precise universe that customers can identify among the others.

In this sense, the French jeweler, Cartier, understood well the importance to emphasize the heritage and history of the brand for the customer. Cartier’s strategy in every advertising is to transcribe their universe. The 2012 campaign is the best example of this strategy. They decided to celebrate the 165th anniversary of the brand, with an epic short film called “l’Odyssée” that is actually an allegory of Cartier’s history. Cartier wanted many visual effects in order to get powerful images and also make something that has never been done before by any other brand. For that, they didn’t hesitate to pay 5,3 million to get this masterpiece. And I have to say the result is quite stunning.


During three and a half minute, the viewer follows the iconic symbol of the brand, the panther. The animal goes from one universe to another, each one referring to a key moment of Cartier’s history. From St Petersburg, to the great Wall China and many others exotic locations to finally end in Paris, place Vendome, Cartier’s birthplace.

This publicity provoked a rise in the awareness of the brand. And solidify the values upon which Cartier built itself. It is reassuring for the client in the sense that if they know about the brand history and heritage, it is valuable for them. And so when they buy a Cartier necklace they don’t only buy a jewel but they also buy the whole history of it

This publicity was shown in only 12 countries. Among them: China, United States, Korea and Switzerland. This strategy follows logic of “selectivity” that adopted Cartier. They show us an incredible and inspirational universe. But not everyone can be part of it.



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